If you are looking for attractions off the beaten track, this website will guide you during the two-day adventure between Kladovo and Drobeta Turnu Severin. We prepared for you most charming locations that are easily reachable by bicycle. On the way, you will have the opportunity to discover similarities and differences between cultures living across the border, visit important monuments dating back to the period of Ancient Rome or enjoy in hospitality and food of people along the way. Here, Danube and surrounding nature provide unforgettable landscapes on both sides of the border – Djerdap Dam that you can also cross by bicycle and see the area from completely different perspective.

Route Highlights

Fetislam Fortress (SER)

This fort on the Danube river was constructed by the Turks in 1524. They named

Iron Gate Archeological Museum (SER)

Museum was opened in 1996 and it collects and preserves artifacts and other documentation in

St. George Church (SER)

As early as 1735, the town of Kladovo had a small St. George’s Church, where

Traian’s Bridge Pillar (SER)

The bridge construction was ordered by the Emperor Trajan as a supply route for the

Trinity Monastery, Manastirica (SER)

The Monastery, located on the height of 236 meters, was constructed in the XIV century

Iron Gate I Hydroelectric Power Station (RO - SER)

The hydropower and navigation system “Đerdap 1”, a complex and multipurpose facility, was constructed during

Theater Theodor Costescu (RO)

This iconic symbol of Drobeta Turnu Severin was constructed between 1912-1924 mostly because Theodor Costescu

Traian's Bridge Pillar (RO)

Trajan's Bridge or Bridge of Apollodorus over the Danube was a Roman segmental arch bridge,

The Water Tower (RO)

Built in 1913 for the city's water supply, the Water Tower (or the Water Castle)

T. Vladimirescu Park (RO)

A cozy park in the center of town Drobeta Turnu Severin that hides, among beautiful

Schitul Topolniței Monastery (RO)

The church was built by Nicodim in the XIV century. The present church, in the

The Medieval Fortress (RO)

The first mentioning of the fortress is in the years 1233-1247 as the residence of

Maioreasa Church (RO)

The first Orthodox Church built in Drobeta Turnu Severin, several years after the establishment of the

Map of the route